Record Options

Record options can add additional information to the getRecords or getRecordFields APIs. This information might be needed in some use cases, but can slow the response time, and so should be avoided if the information is not required.

LastModifiedAdds the Last Modified Date and Modified UserName. This time to process.
LastVerifiedAdd the Last Details or the Last Verification, including Type, Date and UserName
AddFieldCountAdd the Field Count to RecordSummary, RecordFields. This and Slow system down if the number of Fields is large >5000

Field Options

Field Options apply the getRecordFields API and allows you to include additional field level meta data that might be relevant to your needs. See the getRecordFields description for more details.

The “Fieldlist” can limit the results to fields whose SHORTNAME is listed in a comma delimited list.



Fieldlist does not work for short names that include a comma.

FieldRecordDetailsIncludes additional record level details for every filed row, including formname, ResourceName, etc. Increases the file sizes.
FieldDetailsIncludes additional field level details including comments, Resolution Status
FieldSpecsInclude additional fields for Min, Max, and Target Spec values
FieldValueTypesIncludes additional fields formatted for different data types, including ValueNum, ValueDate, ValueText.
FieldListComma Delimited List of FieldShortName to be returned. Note: When applied to getRecords or getRecordSummary this will limit the results to only records that have those fields.