Ensuring a fast and efficient extraction of data is of top importance for APIs. Because the APIs are calling against the same database used to drive production data and or reporting, it is important the extract API request be designed to be efficient without negatively impacting the system. SafetyChain has several built-in systems to support this.


Requests are limited to 1 open or running request with a time between requests being 1 second.

In addition, a maximum will be limited to 50k rows per request. For pulling larger datasets it is recommended to use pagination; see link here.

These limits are configured per Security Token (ST) and can be configured based on your use case; see table below.

Token TypeDescriptionPolicy
High VelocityThese are for small requests, typically pulling individual records or short time ranges. Typically these should be requests with less than 1k rows and request response times 1 second or less.Number of Concurrent Requests per second: 3

Max Rows: 1000
Medium VelocityTypically these should be requests with between than 1k rows and 20k request response times 30 seconds or less.of Concurrent Requests per second: 2

Max Rows: 20,000
Low VelocityTypically these are for requests with between 20k and 50k rows with request response times over 30 seconds; 90 seconds being the default max timeout.of Concurrent Requests per second: 1

Max Rows: 50,000