getResourceDetails Function

This function will query all your resources based on type and provide a row per resource with the full tree/category.

The values will be determined by the following parameters:

  • Resource Type (Required)
  • Tree Like (Required)



Resource Type must include one of the following values -

  • Items
  • Suppliers
  • Equipment
  • Customers

Tree Like parameter is required, however can provide a blank value ("") which will provide all resources with the type selected above. If a value is provided it will be used as a contains query for the entire tree/category.

For more detail on the parameters see the full list of descriptions here.

function (resourceType as text, treeLike as text)

Invoking the Functions

Here is an example of invoking them using Power Query or through the visual editor.

 getResourceDetails("Items", "test")



You can fill out the function parameters and click _Invoke _to create the table automatically. See example below.

getResourceDetails Result:

The following field columns will be outputted in a table.

}, {})



Use a blank ("") value for Tree Like to pull all resources based on type.

 getResourceDetails("Items", "")