The Login Authentication API Integration enables external systems to pull all record data within the SafetyChain Software (SCS) application. All actions via the API will be tied back to this user. The user authorization token is generated once the user is validated and will be passed in the request headers for every API request. This token is restricted to the environment the user is associated with and the same token cannot be used across different environments (e.g. Live or Train within the same tenant).

Token Usage

Upon authentication append the token as Bearer {token} as an Authorization header for the rest of the requests.

Authorization: Bearer ZXlKMGVYQWlPaUpLVjFRaUxDSmhiR2NpT2lKdWIyNWxJbjAuZXlKMWJtbHhkV1ZmYm1GdFpTSTZJbE52YldVZ1RtRnRaU0lzSW5WelpYSkhkV2xrSWpvaVlXTmhZbVUwWldZdE9XVTFNQzAwWVRabUxUZ3hZamd0TjJVMlptWTNPRGxsWWpaaklpd2ljbTlzWlNJNklsTjFjR1Z5UVdSdGFXNGlMQ0oxYzJWeWRIbHdaU0k2SWxSbGJtRnVkRlZ6WlhJaUxDSjBaVzVoYm5RaU9pSm9lV3hwWm1VaUxDSnBjM01pT2lKelpXeG1JaXdpWVhWa0lqb2lhSFIwY0RvdkwzZDNkeTV6WVdabGRIbGphR0ZwYmk1amIyMGlMQ0psZUhBaU9qRTFNRGM0TXpJMU5URXNJbTVpWmlJNk1UVXdOemd5T1RnMU1YMC4=



To generate an accessToken with the right permissions, please follow the guides under "Setting Up Your Integration User"