Testing of Record Extract API before rolling to production can prevent issues down the line. The following are some types for effective testing:

TIP: Use Summary APIs

The getRecordSummary API, as well as getForms, getResources and getLocations are a fast way to ensure the filters are returning the expected results for a given time frame. These APIs run faster than full details, and checking total counts is often easier than validating each result.

TIP: Validate Against LINK Results

Use LINK to validate that Record Extract APIs are returning the same totals as your parameters in APis.



LINK returns data in the user’s time zone. Counts may not match if the correct time zone offset setting is not provided.

TIP: USE Readable=True

When checking values in a JSON format, setting the Readable=True can format results for easier human readability. This should be turned off for production data to reduce the file size.


Value is case sensitive

Readable=True is case sensitive