Date Range Filters

There are three types of dates that can used to limit the scope of data returned:

Date TypeDescriptionUse Case
SubmittedThe DateTime the “Submit” button was pressed by the Operator.Submitted Date is based on the goal of reporting on when a record activity was completed.
ProcessedThe DateTime the System Processed the Record and saved the data.Processed Date is best used for maintaining a data warehouse. This ensures the most recently added records can be retrieved. This is because Offline mode means that Submitted data is not when it was added to the database. For example, requesting all records submitted in the last hour does not guarantee that all records have been processed.
ModifiedThe Last Date the record was modified.Modified Date may be needed or changed to records need to be exported to maintain a warehouse. Note: all records have a modification that as a minimum aligns with the submitted datetime. If modified date is used a record that was pulled previously may be included in a subsequent call. If this data is being inserted into a data warehouse you may need to add logic to replace or update that records in your data warehouse.



The Modified Date is less performant than Submitted Date or Processed Date because the history data must be processed to set the last modified date.

Start and End Dates

Each of the three data times supports a Start and End date, For Example:

        "DateFilters": {
            "DateType": "Submitted",
            "TimeZoneOffset": 0,
            "End": "2024-02-01",
            "Start": "2024-01-01"

The supported date format is “yyyy-MM-DD HH:mm:ss” for example 2024-01-01 23:05:00
If the End Time is omitted, then all records from the Start Time to the Current Time are returned.
If the Start Time is omitted all records before the end time are returned (rarely used).



Do not use Start and End Dates when using MinAgo (Slide Time Scale); they cannot be used together.

Slide Time Scale

A sliding Time Scale of “Minutes Ago” is supported. This will return all records between the end time and a time established by subtracting the minutes ago. If no End Date is provided, the current datetime is used. For example: “MinAgo=5 ” returns all records submitted in the last 5 minutes. (assuming they are available in the system).


        "DateFilters": {
            "DateType": "Submitted",
            "TimeZoneOffset": 0,
            "MinAgo": 5



Do convert days to minutes, Multiply by 1440. Example: 2880 is 2 days.

Time Zone Offset

All dates are stored in a UTC time zone. A “TimeZoneOffset” parameter allows you to define the number of hours to offset from UTC adjust the date time values. The offset applies to all filter input parameters, as well as all date and time output parameters.



The Default is 0


Exact Filters

Exact Filters request records based on key attributes of records. The Filters are additive with an AND conditions so adding more filters further restricts the results set. Exact Filters are faster than the _Like or _List filter and should be used wherever possible to narrow the scope of records returned.

Form.NameExact Form Name
Resource.NameExact Resource Name
Location.NameExact Location Name
Identifier.NameThe FieldName of an Identifier. Example "Lot'
Identifier.ValueThe Value of an Identifier that corresponds to the Identifier name. Identifier Name and Value are used together
RecordNumberRecord Number. Returns a Single Record
RecordComplianceReturns Records Where compliance is True of False. NOTE that records with No Compliance are assumed to be "True"
IsSignedReturns any record that has a SignOff or Validation

Like Filters

Like filters allows you search key attributes for a partial match on the name using a "Contains” match on any part of the parameter’s name. Like Filters are SLOWER than Exact.

Form.LikeForm Name 'Contains'. Example 'Check' Returns any Form that contains 'Check'
Resource.LikeResource Name 'Contains'. Example: 'Apple' Returns All Resources that contain Apple
Location.LikeLocation Name 'Contains': Example: . 'USA-' Returns all Locations that contain 'USA-' in the name.
isVerifiedFilters the results to only records that have been signed or verified when the filter is set to "True".

List Filters

List filters will allow you to search using an array of values. Each value in the array will do an exact match for the records returned. Example:

  • Form.List
  • Resource.List
  • Location.List