The Record Data Extract API Integration provides access to the records stored in SafetyChain with various levels of detail and verbosity about the information within the records. Most parameters are optional and function to limit the amount of records returned by Form, or Resource, Date Range, Status, etc.

The API provides numerous input parameters to filter the set of records to be returned that can then be downloaded for use in an external system or Business Intelligence tool. This document provides an overview on how to use the API effectively to systematically access and extract your records with optimal performance.


SafetyChain Record Extract APIs are intended to support three main use cases:

System to System Integration

System to System integration is typically used when one system needs data from SafetyChain to support a workflow. Most often these involve requests of small sets of data to drive a real process.
Typically, the “Processed” Date will be used in these cases to fetch data that was newly added.

External Business Intelligence (BI)

The extract for BI use case involves pulling record data from SafetyChain for use in a BI tool or external data warehouse to drive reporting requirements that are not supported by SafetyChain’s LINK Analytics. Typically, this is because the BI Analytics are specialized for a unique business need, or the data needs to be combined with information from other sources. Wherever possible it is more efficient to use the standard LINK reporting and LINK dashboards for data analytics.
Where possible storing data extracted from SafetyChain in a local data warehouse provides the most efficient use of resources by eliminating repeated calls to SafetyChain for the same information.
Typically, the “Submitted” Date is used to drive reporting on activity.

External Data Warehouse

An external data warehouse usually requires making regular inserts and updates to a data warehouse. This can be accomplished by using a short interval of every few minutes, hours, or daily.
Typically, the “Modified” Date is used to be sure to pull data any recent updates along with any newly created records.